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Forms and Instructions - Town/City Forms and Reports

To sort forms by “Form Number” or “Name/Description,” click on that item in the table header.

Click on the PDF icon pdf file or pdf file to open forms.

Form Number Name/Description PDF Published / Revised
  When Forms are Due Worksheet  pdf file 12/2015
MS-1 Ext Extension Request  pdf file 08/2012
MS-1 Summary Inventory of Valuation - Town / City pdf file 9/23/2015
  MS-1 Instructions  pdf file 8/3/2015
  MS-1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pdf file 08/2015
MS-1V Summary Inventory of Valuation - Village District / Precinct    
  MS-1V Instructions  pdf file 8/3/2015
MS-9 Report of Trust and Capital Reserve Funds  pdf file 04/2015
MS-10 Report of Common Trust Fund Investments (Up to 300 Trusts) pdf file 07/2015
  MS-9 and MS-10 Instructions pdf file 04/2015
MS-50 Treasurer's Report pdf file 12/2011
MS-60 Local Auditor Report
(If you would like a copy of MS-60 in Excel, please contact your Municipal Advisor.)
pdf file 03/2014
MS-60a Auditor Option Schedule pdf file 12/2011
MS-60w Audit Waiver Request  pdf file 12/2011
MS-61 Tax Collector's Report pdf file 04/2015
MS-123 Combined Report of Officers for Town, City and Village pdf file 02/2016
MS-535 Combined Financial Report for Town and Village  pdf file 01/2016
MS-737S Budget Committee Supplemental Schedule
(for calculating the 10% maximum increase) 
 pdf file 03/2015
MS-DT   SB2 Default Town Budget Form  pdf file 11/18/2016
MS-SIGN Supplemental Signature Page pdf file 01/2016


To achieve the best results when downloading forms please do the following:

1. Use Internet Explorer
2. Ensure its the latest version of Adobe. See link at bottome of page to download latest version.
3. Make sure your Pop-up Blocker is off.
The Pop-up message “After entering all the data on your form(s), press the PRINT button at the top of the page to populate the barcode to ensure efficient processing of your form.” should appear. Click OK to complete the download process.

If you have trouble viewing the form in your Browser - Save PDF to your PC:

You may save the file to your local computer/PC. This can normally be accomplished by doing the following:

1. Right click on the title link of the form you want to use (if your mouse is configured for left-handed operation, use the left mouse button).
2. Select “Save Target As” (Internet Explorer) or “Save Link As” (Firefox/Mozilla/Chrome) when presented with a menu.
3. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file directly after downloading.

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